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FORT COLLINS  Sleep Solutions

Sleep Solutions for Children offers

gentle sleep solutions

that have proven to be effective for hundreds of

families just like you

“It took just one night to see a huge improvement! Having a structured plan around bedtime and how to approach the night wakings made all of the difference. After completing the sleep plan, I felt like we were a whole new family – all sleeping better, less fussiness from the baby and happier parents!”

“We have so much more energy and our home is much more peaceful. We didn’t realize how tired and stressed we had become.”

“Making the choice to sleep train at an early age was one of the best decisions we made for our sanity!”

“Thank you for designing a plan that supported breastfeeding and for helping us navigate daycare naps too.”


Your Lack of Sleep is Affecting Your Mental Health From a Fort Collins Sleep Coach

If you’re on the fence about teaching your baby how to sleep, you’re in the same boat as most parents who are considering sleep training. As a Fort Collins Sleep Coach, I see this all the time. On the one hand, you know that your family must sleep, sleep is a...
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Sleep Training in Fort Collins

When Should I Sleep Train?

Hi, I'm Becky! I specialize in sleep training in Fort Collins and I'm here to help you determine if now is the time to teach your child to sleep better. There are two things I can pretty much guarantee you when it comes to teaching your baby to sleep independently and...

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