The newborn days are simply wonderful, yet the exhaustion is real. You may be preparing for your baby’s arrival or experiencing your first few days and weeks at home.

Let’s get you and your newborn off to the best start possible. Although you will experience some sleep loss, that’s part of the deal, there are ways you can foster healthy sleep habits from the start, that will benefit the entire family.

The great news is that babies that start learning independent sleep skills while still little, rarely need any big “interventions” in their sleep later on.  

Who are these packages for? Expecting parents as well as the parents of a newborn baby, up to 12 weeks old,
can benefit from working together early on.

Newborn Sleep Essentials

For prenatal and newborn clients
wanting a head start.  


  • A private 45-minute consultation
  • Nursery assessment
  • Newborn sleep guide
  • Soothing your baby guide
  • One follow-up call (30 minutes)
  • Limited email access

* view an explanation of services below.

I’m ready!

Let’s Go Steady

Let’s make it official! I’m here for the long haul.



  • A private 60-minute consultation
  • Nursery assessment
  • Newborn sleep guide
  • Soothing your baby guide
  • 8 follow-up calls (20 minutes each)
  • Full e-mail access
  • Access to private Facebook group for support
  • Additional savings off future sleep services

* view an explanation of services below.

You’re right. I’m going to need sleep.


The purpose of my newborn sleep services is to educate parents on newborn sleep and provide the necessary tools to get your baby off to the best start possible. My guides are not intended to teach newborns how to sleep through the night, as many newborns are not ready for this until they have met certain development milestones and weight goals.       

Consultation: I will join you either in your home or virtually for an appointment where we will discuss the newborn sleep guide as well as any questions you may have

In-home consultations are limited by location. I will travel up to 25 miles from Fort Collins, CO. Further distances may be available for an additional fee.

Nursery assessment: I will tour your baby’s nursery or other sleeping space (in-person or virtually) and make recommendations for the perfect sleeping sanctuary. 


Newborn sleep guide: my guide will help you set realistic sleep goals for your baby in addition to education on calming strategies, safe sleep, and a realistic schedule for eating and sleeping. I will teach you how to meet your baby’s sleep needs now and in the future.

Follow-up calls: I will follow up with you during scheduled call(s) to discuss how your newborn is doing with sleep and development and how YOU are doing and coping with the change of a new baby. You can ask me any questions and I will make recommendations for the future, so you can continue implementing healthy sleep habits.

The length of each call depends on the package requested (20 or 30-minute call).

Limited e-mail access: parents can email me three times in the first 12 weeks of baby being born.

Full e-mail access: parents can enjoy full access to me by email, during the first 12 weeks of baby being born.

Facebook support group: access to a private Facebook group, where parents can relate to each other and gain support from the group

Additional saving for the future: enjoy 10% off any one sleep service you purchase in the future

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Head into a great night’s sleep (and naps. You’re going to want naps). 


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