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Meet Becky Remley

Hi, I’m Becky – lover of plants, leggings, a good cup of coffee, and a fierce lover of sleep. I’m also your sleep consultant.

I entered parenthood confidently, with my perfectly written birth plan in hand, ready to meet my baby girl and start our new life as a family of three. Soon my plans were out the window, I was being wheeled into an unplanned C-section, and my daughter was here (37 hours later to be exact).  I had spent so much time preparing and yet nothing went my way, a hard lesson to learn when you’re a control freak. The one thing that was right in my world was my sweet daughter, sleeping so peacefully in my arms. It really was love at first sight.

Although I was feeling happiness like never before, I was also completely exhausted and maybe even a little delirious. I remember a lactation consultant visiting my hospital room and telling me that I looked terrible and she was really worried about me (nice pep talk).  This pattern continued as we got home and I was getting little to no solid stretches of sleep, very few showers, and more coffee than I’d like to admit consuming. I told myself this was normal and my baby would grow out of it. Sleep when the baby sleeps they said. Enjoy this time they said….

As the weeks went on and I was back to work, I became desperate to sleep again. My commute to work was groggy, my productivity down the tube, and my mood was at best mildly irritable.  My relationship with my husband went from mutually enjoyable to being filled with resentment. 

Then Everything Changed

I would describe those early days as blissful and miserable. When my daughter turned four months old, we decided to make a change. We hired a sleep consultant and against all odds, it worked! Our daughter was sleeping which meant we were too. We were getting full nights of sleep and it almost seemed too good to be true.  My commute to work was no longer groggy, I had more patience, was a better spouse, friend, coworker, and most importantly a better mom.

I started asking myself – why do none of my friends know about this? Why didn’t my birthing classes teach us about how much sleep our baby needs? Why had the pediatrician not intervened sooner? Had we lost the manual she came with? 

I knew that as a lover of sleep, I HAD to share my new found success with other moms.  That’s when I launched my business in 2018 and Sleep Solutions for Children was born. I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am to be walking along side parents that are just like I was, tired, anxious, and frustrated – and seeing them transform into happy, healthy, and confident parents. 

Without sleep, you feel drained, exhausted, and filled with anxiety. I encourage you to not wait any longer. Give up your mombie status today and drink coffee because you like it, not because you have to.

Don’t compare yourself to other mothers. We are all losing our shit. Some just hide it better than others. Contact me to get started.

HAPPINESS IS A  sleeping baby

Meet My Little Family

I live in beautiful Fort Collins, CO with my husband of 10 years, Devin and our 3 year old daughter June. I’m a Colorado native and a lover of the mountains, sunny days, and spending time outdoors. When I’m not working you can find me traveling with my family, plant shopping, drinking wine with friends, or curled up with our dog Estes for an afternoon nap. 

Use Your Health Benefits

Here at Sleep Solutions for Children, I believe that sleep should be a reality for every family that reaches out for help. All of our sleep services are eligible to be reimbursed by your health savings account or flexible spending account. Even more of a reason to give up your mombie status for a rested reality. Ask me for more information! 


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My services are FSA/HSA eligible