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baby sleep helpMeet Becky Remley

Are you an exhausted parent, desperate for the answers to your child’s sleep problems? You’ve come to the right place! No matter how hopeless you feel, I can help!

My name is Becky Remley, certified infant and child sleep consultant, serving Fort Collins, Northern Colorado, and surrounding areas. While pregnant with my daughter, I read all the popular books and expected some degree of sleep loss with a newborn. Nothing could have prepared me for the total exhaustion of taking care of a baby while sleep deprived.

After a long labor and difficult birth, I remember sitting in my hospital bed trying to soak up every second of sleep I could get. It seemed like the moment I closed my eyes, my daughter was crying. Not only had I been up for 40-hours straight having this baby, now I was getting no sleep while taking care of her. This cycle of sleep deprivation continued for months and contributed to an array of problems affecting my life- feeding issues, anxiety, and depression.

Ultimately, my husband and I tried everything to get my daughter to sleep and bought every product out there. Nothing was working and we were desperate for answers.

Sound like you? 

I was fortunate enough to learn about an excellent sleep consultant in my area and reached out for help. In the end, my family was finally well rested. I was so impressed by the changes we were seeing that I wanted every parent to know that sleep is possible! No parent should have to settle for exhaustion when there is a solution.

I’ve been honored to work with dozens of families and guide parents through their child’s sleep journey.

Let me help you reach your family’s sleep goals today.

HAPPINESS IS A  sleeping baby


Client referrals are the backbone of my small business. Refer a new client to me and when they become a client, my thank you to you is a $10 Amazon or Starbucks gift card. Refer 3 + new clients to me and receive a $50 Visa gift card or a complimentary “Mini Consultation” If you send a client my way, please send me an email saying so.


I live in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado with my husband Devin and our daughter June. We love spending time with our family and our dog Estes. We have a love for travel and hope to take our daughter on many adventures!


Phone: 970-462-9229