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Before working with Becky, our 2 month old son would cry inconsolably as we bounced him on a yoga ball for at least 15 minutes as our bedtime “ritual”. He is now 4 months old and happily plays in his crib until falling asleep. The difference is crazy. He has yet to sleep through the night, but Becky has helped us save as much sleep as possible for ourselves. She worked well within our comfort zone, and we never had to have our baby cry it out. I strongly recommend working with her to cut through the clutter of all the sleep books out there and get your child to sleep better quickly.
Kate, mom of 4 month old in Colorado


Up until we made the decision to start sleep training our son, we were spending hours rocking him to sleep, and then hours rocking again when he woke up in the middle of the night. Needless to say…we were tired! Then Becky sent us our customized sleep plan and it was fine… we were going to do this gently. Just what I was comfortable with! The first night was hard. The second and third nights were harder. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh nights showed little to no improvement. Yet he was falling asleep for our nanny in 10 minutes!! Was she rocking him still? Was he better behaved for her because she’s not his parent? Why was he falling asleep for her at nap but not for us at bedtime?? (We figured out later that she was hindering his progress) Fast forward to night 12 – past feeding debacles, a stomach flu, and 12 nights of incessant crying – we started the leave and check part of our plan. After 12 days and nights of no improvement, my husband and I were completely discouraged. We decided to give it one last chance and do everything 100% consistently. Consistency across the board – me, my husband, and the nanny…everyone following the plan TO THE T no ifs ands or buts. If this didn’t work in the next 3 days we were going to call it. This time, the first night was easier. The second and third were even easier. Here we are two weeks later and I can’t believe bedtime and naptime are so EASY!! Going into it, I thought we’d have 3 nights of hell and then gradual improvement. After 12 days of hell, I wasn’t sure I had made the right decision and started doubting everything. Now I know how important consistency is and how important routines are to toddlers. I also feel 99% confident that we’ll be able to handle any sleep hurdle in the future (1% off because I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop — this can’t be real life now???!) Thank you Becky for helping us get our lives back!!
Alley, mom of 17 month old

I respect that Becky will tell you if your child’s sleep is something she can address or not. She’s realistic and when you’re a sleep deprived mama you need honest straight forward answers.
Jo Nell Shaw, Fort Collins chiropractor

Highly recommend! Becky heard out our individual sleep issues, was very thorough writing our sleep plan, was flexible to our needs, and not pushy at all to get us to do something we weren’t comfortable doing. My 10 month old now goes to sleep right away, sleeps through the night, and naps like an angel! We have a happy baby, mama, and dad here thanks to Becky
Danielle, mom of 10 month old in Colorado

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