When Should I Sleep Train?

Hi, I'm Becky! I specialize in sleep training in Fort Collins and I'm here to help you determine if now is the time to teach your child to sleep better. There are two things I can pretty much guarantee you when it comes to teaching your baby to sleep independently and...

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Is Baby Waking from Hunger?

As we take on the new role of parent, we quickly learn that this new little human depends upon us 24/7, for 100% of their care.  A large part of baby’s care is meeting the feeding and nutritional needs of baby, so they are growing and developing normally. ...

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It’s Back-to-School Time! Sleep Tips for Kids

Have you ever gotten your child up in the morning, to suddenly notice they look bigger? Taller?  It’s hard to fathom such a big change overnight.  Growth hormone is mainly secreted during deep sleep, which children can spend up to 50% of their time in. Consequently,...

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